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VFX Reel

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VFX Reel
on Aug 16, 2009 at 2:02:31 am
United States
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2009 Vfx demo reel, looking for critique.
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Demo Reels
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looks great
by Peter Greenstone
I think your use of before and after and steps between are really great for showing what you've done, especially in these types of shots. It shows some really solid work. My only complaint is that it just sort of ends in the middle of the song leaving me feeling like it wasn't finished. I think the overall length could be longer if you have more good material to include. But if this is all the material you want to show I'd suggest either finding music that fits the time more closely and edit to that... or edit down the music to make it reach the end of the song by the end of the video which can take some special skill.

The main content is what's most important and I think you have that down. Just getting the presentation to feel like it has come full circle would make it have better impact.
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