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Victor Abramovskiy animation reel 2008

Demo Reels : Victor Abramovskiy's Videos : Victor Abramovskiy animation reel 2008

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Victor Abramovskiy animation reel 2008
on Sep 14, 2009 at 11:52:25 pm
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This is my old animation reel. Everything was animated by hand, no motion capture or rotoscoping was used. I did all animation and rigging. Some scenes was made by me from start to finish. Sofware use [more]
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Re: Victor Abramovskiy animation reel 2008
by Matthew Graham
Very cool reel.
I love the dog thing playing with the ball!
Re: Victor Abramovskiy animation reel 2008
by Bryan Duhnovsky
Fricking awesome. Thats a great skill you got there. Thanks for sharing!
Re: Victor Abramovskiy animation reel 2008
by Anil Kumar Jakhar
nice showreel ...
WOW fabulous
by Eva Zamirska
It's a very beautiful reel, congratulations. Like other people I like the intuitive motion, dramatic lighting, suspense building camera work, and interesting way of telling the story. However, I like the most the way you create atmosphere and skillfully manipulating viewer mood.
Excuisitely great!
by Kesiena Orikpete
Nice job! Creativity at its peak. Excellent & neat animation. What are you waiting for? The whole world needs to feel your creative handwork. I'm a video-graphics Engr. but a beginer in the world of 3D and rotoscoping. Your work is so impressive. Seeing it, makes me know that I still have a very very long way to go. Can you be of assistance in any way?
Not Bad!
by Jonathan Oliveros
love the movement! very realistic
For those curious about the music
by Charles Floading
"Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzalez off his album Veneer.
I love that album. Can't tell if that's his natural voice or if it's digitally sweetened. Either way it's great, eh?

If you like this, you might also like Red House Painters.
Great demo reel
by garvey harris
I love your demo reel, I started animating and modelingg 3 years ago and then went from college to university. Currently finished an internship in China where I worked for an a huge chinese animation company where I met some great CG artists.

In our home counties making money as a CG artist is not tough if you are good and you are good. I find you work inspiring, its going to take me a few years before I develop my talents before having people appreciate any of my work the way I appreciate yours.

I think I enjoyed the Centaurs the best, I think you got it to an acceptable level but if am cheeky felt like you could've pushed it further. But with talent like yours you will not have a problem finding a mentor to help you take your work further.

thanks for sharing
nice 3D
by scott novasic
you got a career in games if you want it...
by Ed Farnsworth
Beautiful and completely professional, as you well know. Thanks for sharing your work Victor. Always a pleasure to see real talent.
Great Video... the content is great.
by Mike Moon
Great Video... the content is great. Choice of music is nice too. He does a great cover of the original song by The Knife - Heartbeats.
by Ben Richards
Great animation work! I really like the camera work too!
impressive reel with cool music, what
by Brian O'Connell
impressive reel with cool music, what did you use to render?
Reel Good!
by Thomas Koker
You have talent my friend. I'm 51 and just started dabbling in 3d animation with Maxon 4d. After that demo, I'm ready to go back to stick figures.
Fantastic job.
Sorry to be off-topic, but who
by Jafar Fallahi
Sorry to be off-topic, but who is the band and what song? I really like it. The animation is very well done. I like it a lot!
by Victor Abramovski
Thank you, Tim.
Most of these projects were game cinematics, some in game animations, some animation tests.

music: Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats
by Tim Wilson
This is an extremely impressive reel, one of the best I've seen. Wonderful work, very well edited.

What kinds of projects were these? What was the animation used for?

Also, what was the music?

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