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Video of Graphic going over movie (Channel 7)

Demo Reels : Video : Brandon Adam's Videos : Video of Graphic going over movie (Channel 7)

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Video of Graphic going over movie (Channel 7)
on Jun 18, 2013 at 2:03:54 am
How is Channel 7 able to play a Movie type that is at 24FPS and overlay graphics that may be between 50 to 59.94FPS. Am I able to do this with Softron products? (Smart PlayOut Software or OnTheAir Exp [more]
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Re: Video of Graphic going over movie (Channel 7)
by Pierre Chevalier
Hello Brandon,

I have already replied to you in our support desk, but in case somebody else has the question, here is the answer...

The best is always to use the same frame rate across multiple files. The new Smart Playout Engine (SPE) will handle perfectly the playout of files using multiple resolutions. Handling multiple frame-rates perfectly is a different story.

There are dedicated, much more expensive solutions out there in the market that handle that. When you do frame-rate conversion, you have to basically reinvent (re-interpolate) all the frames to the new frame rate. That the SPE will not do.

What the SPE will do is a "simple" way of doing it, all is based on the fps of the selected output which is the master fps. Except doing the frame interpolation there are 2 "easy" ways to handle multiple frame-rates:

1. SPE drops or duplicates some frames. So for example if you play a 24fps movie in a 29.97fps output, we will duplicate 1 frame from time to time. If you play a 29.97fps movie in a 24fps output, we will drop one frame from time to time. So you'll understand that this will result in a not smooth playback, but the advantage of that method is that this ensure AVSync.

2. SPE plays "natively" all frames, without dropping nor duplicating frames, and without worrying of the source and destination fps. So for example, playing a 24fps movie in a 29.97 fps output would result in the movie playing out quicker then it normally should, as it will play a movie at 29.97 while it is intended to output at 24fps. This method will then create AVSync issues, and can only be sued for animation.

Now concerning your second question, the best will be to use an external video card from either Blackmagic or AJA.

And about OnTheAir Video Express, or OnTheAir Video, or OnTheAir Node with the current version of the engine, they do the first method (drop or duplicate some frames).

I hope that helps!

Pierre Chevalier
Softron Media Services
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