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Video-Speech-Recognition Captioning with VoxcribeCC

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Video-Speech-Recognition Captioning with VoxcribeCC
on Jan 6, 2013 at 7:16:12 pm
Sample Usage video For VoxcribeCC

VoxcribeCC is the ultimate audio\video transcription and video-captioning editor with embedded speech recognition.

VoxcribeCC is the most accurate speaker- and [more]
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Re: Video-Speech-Recognition Captioning with VoxcribeCC
by Stefan Hansen
VoxcribeCC can handle speaker independent or multiple-speakers media (audio/video) recognition tasks.

As you can guess, still human performance is superior. But I can easily say "VoxcribeCC is the most accurate speaker- and topic-independent desktop speech recognition application in the world."

VoxcribeCC is the most innovative editor for media captioning and transcription. Click here to see the seamless integration of speech recognition and captioning. This innovative interface gives full control on the quality, and saves captioners tedious work.

You can easily check its accuracy: Click on this link to see a few videos that were captioned by VoxcribeCC without any human editing or correction.

You can test the accuracy yourself: Click on this link for the download page.

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