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VIVE LA DIFFERENCE - Karoshi Brothers

Demo Reels : Music Video : graham smith's Videos : VIVE LA DIFFERENCE - Karoshi Brothers

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VIVE LA DIFFERENCE - Karoshi Brothers
on Jan 20, 2010 at 11:19:56 am
United Kingdom
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THE DELOREAN, IF I WAS GOING TO DO THIS IT HAD TO BE THE DELOREAN! written / directed / produced / designed / and everything else just by me.
Crafted and set-up within the tron like abstractional wor [more]
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Boys like
by Jim Hines
shiny glossy metal machines that go real fast with the occasional bikini clad lassie posed on the hood - you did a good job with the 3d modeling but this video is missing the speed and the sex - around 2:38 when the cars are going past the rectangles there could have been some action but as it is - it looks like they are moving very slow - for me the strongest moment was at around 2:52 - but for the most part the imagery was a bit redundant - rock on!
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