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Wall-E: A New Friend

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Wall-E: A New Friend
on Dec 2, 2010 at 8:11:06 am
United States
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I was trying to capture some of the look and feel of the film "Wall-E" but without the 300+ other technicians and artists who brought him to life. This short film was modeled, animated, and rendered i [more]
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Re: Wall-E: A New Friend
by Jeff Blyth
Thanks for your comments. There are a bunch of videos on YouTube of Wall-E in various iterations, all of which are probably in violation of some copyright. The issue is usually about money (maybe the issue is always money). If you try to get paid for your film using Wall-E's likeness, that's a clear violation of copyright. Otherwise, it's just a "tribute" or "homage" and probably a nightmare for even the studio lawyers to litigate. It's one thing for them to go after companies that are trying to rip them off, versus leaving alone those of us who just admire their work on the original so much that we want to try it ourselves.

Yes, my junk piles were not fully detailed models or I'd still be waiting for everything to render. They are 3-D shapes, kind of deformed half-domes, with fairly detailed texture maps. I only modeled the bits of junk Wall-E gets close to or interacts with.

one more question
by Tim Parsons
i see. cool!

one other question: when you went from your 3D software to AE, did you render out a targa sequence or video file and bring that into AE? how did you make the jump?

Let me throw an idea past you: i have seen plenty of forums indicating that it is impossible to make a straight jump from a 3D program to AE without rendering a 2D go-between, like a targa sequence (though the advent of videocopilot's Element plugin challenges that idea by allowing real wire-frame manipulation but my idea is, how practical would it be to use Photoshop as a true 3D go-between from your 3D software to AE??

i know that you can import *.obj files into photoshop, and that you can then import those *.psd files into AE as a "Live" file. I haven't gone any further than that, but it seems like a good way to turn AE into a faux-3D compositor.

what do you think? in your experience, does that seem plausible?
@Tim Parsons
by Jeff Blyth
I render out various passes as HD video in Animation codec with an alpha channel, then import those directly in After Effects. I'm very comfortable working in Lightwave so I really work out any of my animation issues there, with a fair amount of tests and trial comps, which means I wouldn't have much need, in my typical workflow, for some kind of "live" capability. I was aware of some of the potential inherent in the Photoshop-After Effects connection, but I'm not sure how I'd use it. So far I've been pleased with the kinds of comps I've been able to make in my Lightwave-After Effects set-up.

Here's another couple of samples of my work using this arrangement:

Parking, Space

Day of Valor

Re: Wall-E: A New Friend
by Tim Parsons
Im not at all trying to accuse or criticize, im asking cuz i really want to know... how does copyright work with something like that? i mean, does something like this fall within a fair use clause or something? i've always been confused by copyright laws...

other than that, for a one-man gig, this is pretty impressive!

had a quick question though. were the "layers" you rendered out from your modeling program 2D? cuz some things, like the large piles and such, looked like large 2D half-circles next to an impressive non-professional Wall-E.

just a thought. most everything looked really good though!
Re: Wall-E: A New Friend
by Jeff Blyth
Thanks. About two months, mostly nights and weekends.

Re: Wall-E: A New Friend
by Inan Atalay
Nice Work! How long did u work on this?
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