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WEIRD FISHES - Radiohead

Demo Reels : Music Video : Steve Blacker's Videos : WEIRD FISHES - Radiohead

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WEIRD FISHES - Radiohead
on Jan 16, 2010 at 1:55:21 am
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I created this video during my first year at college for the Aniboom Radiohead video contest. It was also the first project I did in After Effects.
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Not bad at all, Steve
by Ron Lindeboom
After a week of some very good competition, you are still in the Top 20 videos with a project which was your first After Effects project. Just goes to show the power of a story and a concept that works. This should be very encouraging to you.
Hmmm, I had meant to cut
by Steve Blacker
Hmmm, I had meant to cut the (overly long!) credits at the start. Forgot to do that, but have just re-uploaded a version without the credits at the start.
Weird Fishes
by Julia Jenkins
I really enjoyed the animation, the visual beauty of it, the creativity and imagination, the graphics and the effects, how the visuals integrated perfectly with the music. It really kept my attention and gave me a chuckle at the end. I think it was really well done and that you are very talented.

Almost didn't make it past the opening credits
by Jim Hines
but I did and there is some nice stuff inside - I would give 3.5 but I can't so I'm going with 4 because I think you accomplished quite a bit and would not have known had you not told us and despite it's lenght I watched it all and got some kicks. Good work. rock on!
by David Valentine
I am retired and have done a few projects. I have not done one for awhile, you make me want to get busy. Nice project, very nice look. I also make music videos and I just love seeing what others produce.
I am retired and need to get going on a new project.
Nice video
by leo carro
Nice job

Leo Carro
by Scott Lansing
I wish my first try at AE had looked like this. Amazing. You storytelling is exceptional.
by Steve Blacker
I just got back to town and read these comments - made my day, thanks very much!
I thought I'd let you know, Steve...
by Ron Lindeboom
...the other day I got a call from Ryan Sook -- a friend of ours who for years drew the Buffy comics and has drawn Superman, Batman, Green Lantern for DC and has drawn many with Marvel also -- and he wanted to call and tell me that he loved your video. He said your storytelling with simple images was excellent and that he was very impressed by it.

Just thought that you'd like to know.
by Tim Wilson
Man, I really loved this. An amazing first try with AE, too.
Thanks Ron, I'm glad you liked
by Steve Blacker
Thanks Ron, I'm glad you liked it!
Nice video, Steve. I really liked it.
by Ron Lindeboom
Nice animation. To me, it worked well with the song. Even though it was pretty long, I stayed with it all the way through -- something that's amazing considering how busy I am most of the time. The seven lights rescuing the downed ship was very cool, especially when it becomes the 8th light. Nice storytelling with simple images, Steve. I really liked the ending.
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