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Welcome To My World

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Welcome To My World
on Oct 7, 2009 at 9:57:07 am
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At Anthill, visual effects and animation is priority, even if we have to use it in the most subtle way. When The Client told me about his desire to turn the song to a video with orphans, it immediatel [more]
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Re: Welcome To My World
by Nathan Walters
Incredible work. Really a great job, and in such a short time! Awesome job man.
Re: Welcome To My World
by ugo amadi
Nice work brother. Keep up the good work.

by Pierluigi Pantini
Very nice video, and I also appreciate the choice to not color correct the footage from real life!

The video saved an orphanage in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.
by Niyi Akinmolayan
Funny you would say that about the artiste. he also happens to be the executive producer of the upcoming movie. He sends his regards.

the orphanage whose orphans we featured in the video was about to be demolished by the Government. we had to use the music video and a documentary i did to fight this. Now they've pulled off and the orphans are doing fine. a true miracle in a place like Nigeria!

will kepp u posted on the movie. thanks a million
Thank you for your kind words, Niyi, but we are nothing more than anyone else...
by Ron Lindeboom
While we appreciate your kind words, both Kathlyn and I are mindful that Creative COW is great because of the people from all over this wonderful planet that call it home. Our job is merely to keep the lights on, to hopefully channel and inspire its continued growth, and to remove the kind of people that think it's okay to attack others as if they have some god-given right to use free speech as a way to bludgeon others. Beyond that, there is little about us that we take all that serious or think merits anything more than the same kind of respect that we would ask all of us to have for each other.

We are honored that you enjoy the magazine and we are sorry that we are so small a company that we cannot afford to send print copies around the world; we wish we could afford it, but that is out of the question -- so knowing you enjoy it in PDF gives us a special delight. Tim Wilson, Kathlyn, Ellen Parker, Abraham Chaffin, Tim Matteson, and all the rest of us thank you for your kind words.

We hope that you will always feel welcome here at Creative COW. And don't be surprised if we ask you about this project and others for the Magazine, someday.

By the way, please tell the singer that this is a great song. I love it.

You guys inspire the old hippie in me. ;o)
OMG! its a letter from Ron lindeboom
by Niyi Akinmolayan
I still can't believe my video ever got a chance among those great works on Creative Cow. I've been downloading all your magazines and tutorials but never really joined a forum due to a terrible experience i had on one website (no one on that forum believed anything worth sharing can come from Nigeria). It was a huge leap of faith to put it up on ur site.

I and my entire crew learned everything we know in After Effects from the creative cow forum and from Andrew Kramer and Dan Ebberts (they don't know how far their tuts go). there is no school offering this in Nigeria. Not that people don't create motion graphics here but we (Anthill) took it to the next level with serious compositing work. In fact, earlier this year, we got an executive producer interested in sponsoring a movie we shot almost entirely on green Screen. a trailer would be out by November. (complete with visual effects never seen in Africa and you'll be invited to its premiere)

If you don't mind, i can send you a DVD copy of the music video and we would love to share the making with some tips and tricks for self taught compositors and 3d guys on your magazine.

Thanks a lot Sir and my regards to your beautiful wife. i enjoyed the last edition of the mag.
NB. Brian Maffitt also saw the video on Facebook and commended it.
We are featuring this video on the video player intro page
by Ron Lindeboom
I liked this one so well, Niyi, that we have added it as a feature video on the demo reels/videos section front door page. Best regards, The COW Team
Very nice work, Niyi
by Ron Lindeboom
Thank you for posting this, Niyi. It is a very inspiring piece. This is the first video that has been uploaded to Creative COW from Nigeria. We are honored to have you take the time to be a part of the COW.
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