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Wes Townsend Demo Reel - June 2012

Demo Reels : Wes Townsend's Videos : Wes Townsend Demo Reel - June 2012

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Wes Townsend Demo Reel - June 2012
on Nov 18, 2011 at 6:31:59 pm
United States
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A collection of videos from 2008-2012 I art directed, animated, and/or designed.
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Re: Wes Townsend - Demo Reel - February 2012
by Wes Townsend
Hi Herbert. I took some of the Shutter Island promotional posters as inspiration (icy grey backgrounds, crushed foregrounds, with hits of red or blue color).

I primarily used Mocha to track individual body parts (torso, shield, head, forearm, upperarm, etc.). That gave me nice point-based motion blur, nice feathering, free tracking, etc.

Then I dropped in a metal texture into the background, blurred things, and did my fg color correct.

I would do a tutorial, but I bled working on all those rotos...its a sensitive subject LOL

Wesley Townsend
Creative Director
Garbanzo Grafix
Re: Wes Townsend - Demo Reel - October 2011
by Herbert Makuch

nice work. Can you tell me how to do that grey background effect that starts at 0:37? Tutorial maybe?
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