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Demo Reels : Music Video : Nicholas Brecken's Videos : WIDE AWAKE HALF ALIVE - Quixote

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on Jan 26, 2010 at 8:23:12 pm
United States
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I created this video with zero dollars. Enjoy.
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Not fair
by Jim Hines
I think it's kind of f uped to score somebody this low (2 is it's current score) without saying why - even at the risk of hurting their feelings - I think if you're going to essentially take them out of the running after only 15 total views they maybe deserve an explanation - just common curtesy - you don't have to - but it would be nice - Okay - is this video genius? - no - should it win based on the quality of other entries? - no - is it a pretty freakin good job worthy of at least "average" based on the creators statement of zero budget? - yes - good song - decent audio - unique cut - inspired camera work - ambitious staging - nice over all feel of "Night of the Living Dead" - Did I get a modicum of pleasure from watching and listening to this? - yes - Did they take some chances? - yes - Would I consider hiring this artist based on the work they've accomplished with no budget? - possibly - I would give them a look and listen to their ideas - I was realy digging the old horror movie feel and the switch up to the band at 2 minutes was real cool and got me rockin' but your zombies where poorly directed - extras/background players can really take you out of it if they aren't giving their all - so I was set to give it a 4 until that - 3 cows from me - don't underestimate the power of an extra to make or break the third wall. Rock on!
Gnarly. Yeah we had a total
by Nicholas Brecken
Gnarly. Yeah we had a total of 18 hours to shoot. I wasn't being paid. Had no money and the band wanted this just to go out as a press package thing. So I spent maybe 12 hours editing. I would give this a 2 out of 5 my self. Someone suggested I post this on here. Not my best work. Maybe my funnest gig so far though.

This definitely made me realize how important it is to see the place you are shooting way before hand.

take care
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