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Demo Reels : Music Video : Simon Hill's Videos : WILD STRAWBERRIES - Oil On Canvas

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on Jan 20, 2010 at 9:36:41 pm
United Kingdom
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Urban art gets funky in and around Brick Lane.
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by Simon Hill
Again thanks to all for all the feedback - very encouraging :) Robb - in answer to your question the live action was shot on an EX3 with a Letus lens adapter and 50mm Zeiss lens. (Not sure how to post that on your page but will try).
Great Idea
by Dan Flemming
I was drawn in through the music and the idea behind the video, but I agree with a lot of comments on here. The disconnection of the bridge and the rest of the song is distracting. I love the idea of the band as graffiti, but think that they should possibly be scaled to match the size of the object they were placed on (it may bring out the texture you used a little better and tie the close ups in with the wide angles). I know you have shots with both the band on the wall and people standing around, but I think if some of the clips could use the people walking passed the life size graffiti of the band (personal opinion). Very well done though. Had me watching this one a couple times over.
this is a really cool fun
by Brandy MacInnis
this is a really cool fun video!
Nice Video
by Robb Thompson
Overall, this is a good video. I do agree that the graffiti could have been composited a little better. Either color corrected a little better to match the rugged look of the walls they are on or opacity down a fraction to see the grittiness behind them. Very good concept though. What did you use to shoot? The shots look GREAT!! If you can, respond on my video page so I can see your response. Thanks.
hi simon, very cool idea, nice
by Jonathan pannacciò
hi simon,
very cool idea, nice song,but how say Eduardo the composting could be better as well only with after effcts tools, dont worry creative cow live for this :).If I can I would like to sugget you to take a look on Imagineer software, mocha and monet in particular, perfect for your artwork!
also I don't like too much the echo screern effect in the latter end, leave a little bit the main concept. however you have do a cool work.cheers from Roma *^_^*
by Simon Hill
Robbie - sorry I just read you question properly. I used FCP, Photoshop and After Effects only. I think given some of the accurate criticisms I have received that perhaps using some 3D software like Cinema 4D might have helped enhanced the textures and maybe more advanced compositing in Nuke or similar would have increased the reality.
However my goal was to achieve everything with what I had at hand so I used only the previously mentioned 3 apps.
Having a more advanced AE master involved would also have helped but again I had to use what I had ie. me :)
by Simon Hill
thanks for all the comments guys - i agree with everything said really. good to have people taking an active interest :)
Hi Simon
by Eduardo Souza
the concept is very good, but the graffiti application looks fake. But congratulations, good work!
by Phil Knox
Great work. Looks great, good concepts.

I would just add to Jim's comment - the other thing you may have thought of would be to have subtly given the little guys some lighting that matched the lighting falling onto the objects. I liked it in close up, but the wider shots felt a bit disconnected.

But hey - minor niggles in a great piece of work. Good luck with the comp!
I really enjoyed it!
by Lawrence Gilbert
You have a nice balance of good music and video. It flows well and is quite catchy. Nice work!
I really like what you have
by robbie woods
I really like what you have done here and it has greatly inspired me. I was just wondering what programs you used to create this?

5 cows :)
That's a great idea.
by matt kresling
Really great. I wish it had stayed with the stickers during the bridge, developed it somehow, but nevertheless, really cool.
Cheers Jim. I did actually bumpmap
by Simon Hill
Cheers Jim. I did actually bumpmap the guys to get them textured to match the surface but I agree it doesn't quite work as well as it should. That will be something I can work on in my next project :)
5 Cows
by Jim Hines
Really nice idea and a better than fair realization of that idea - I do have just one knock but first here's what I really liked - the fact that at the bridge you changed up the effect - it wasn't so far unrelated to the main portion - I mean they fit together although they were different - ya know? Anyway my beef would be that the little guys didn't seem to be part of the things you pasted them to. You know like in Photoshop you can displace a picture on to a textured surface and it will obey the contours and indentations and shadows and what not - so that's all - song is fair that's just personal taste - Kind of reminds of that group from the 80's A-Ha - luv the ending - You did a lot of work here and it worked for me.
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