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WW2 Stop motion animation Test

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WW2 Stop motion animation Test
on Aug 12, 2013 at 6:03:35 am
New Zealand
I have spent the last month or so making buildings (1:72 scale) out of plaster of paris to use in some of my short films with some olf models i made years ago.

This is my first proper test.

Woul [more]
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Re: WW2 Stop motion animation Test
by Matthew Quinnell
Thanks for watching, since then ive made a slightly larger street layout that gives me a few more options for filming and im currently making a Hill section as a sort of artillary position overlooking the town, once thats done i'll make a short film of it all.
Re: WW2 Stop motion animation Test
by Corbin Gross
That's pretty neat. It looks really good overall. I think the addition of the crumbling buildings and explosions in post is a good idea. It's lot strictly all in camera, but it'll save you months of production time and I don't feel like it hurts the aesthetic.

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