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xdcam mov back to mxf

Demo Reels : Video : Ian Cook's Videos : xdcam mov back to mxf

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xdcam mov back to mxf
on Nov 18, 2013 at 3:41:03 pm
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Re: xdcam mov back to mxf
by Ian Cook
I just posted a response to a similar issue.... You can only drop the .mov onto the Content Browser Exporter plugin if it has the right structure for XDCAM (HD422 with 8 channels of 24 bit audio). Otherwise you have to render an XDAM file with 8 x 24 out of FCP and set the 'Open With' action to 'Content Browser Exporter.' Before you do this you have to create roles for each audio channel, then assign the roles to timeline audio tracks, then map those to output channels when you export. The level of complexity here has nothing to do with XDCAM per se; FCP X makes it a bit of a process to export QT files with multiple mono audio channels. All the XDCAM plugin does is take a QT-wrapped XDCAM file and rewrap it to .mxf.
Re: xdcam mov back to mxf
by Chandraseegar Krishnan
I tried the same.. dragging mov file into sony content browser. But, message appear...

Export Failed..
Please check that the volume to which you are exporting is not locked or full
Error opening movie (while checking valid SoundDescription.numChannels)

Pls guide.
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