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YOU'LL MISS ME MOST - The Living Kills

Demo Reels : Music Video : Scott Elliott's Videos : YOU'LL MISS ME MOST - The Living Kills

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YOU'LL MISS ME MOST - The Living Kills
on Jan 15, 2010 at 3:33:13 pm
United States
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Music video I shot, directed and edited for the Brooklyn based band The Living Kills. Shot on EX1 at 1080p 24.
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Any video that makes me keep coming back every few days to replay the song...
by Ron Lindeboom
...deserves a five. While I agree that the video's story needs work and closure, as both Jim and Charles state, I love this masterful example of the mid-60s NYC psychedelia sound. The band does a great job of modernizing the sound of groups like The Blues Project and The Paupers -- with a bit of Velvet Underground for spice. This is dead-on accurate and the vintage instruments get bonus points. I had never heard of The Lving Kills before but this video is gonna make me go buy some. I guess that has to be worth five cows, eh? ;o)
I really enjoy the song
by charles pierce
The song is a near-perfect example of retro psychedelia, but the video needs the story to evolve and close. As it is, the band is fun to watch but the story never really does anything.
Come on man - go back to her
by Jim Hines
:-) - really made me miss NYC - the production values are good - but story wise - there is not a lot for me to grab onto in this video - I think - my opinion only - shot selection could make things more intersting - there were some odd statues (black and white @ 2:47)- Snow white @ 1:12 shots - more of that sort of thing - My impression was and would be enhanced if more of that were the focus of the walking through nyc scenes - particularly when you went to the - boxes - picture in picture - as if these were spots the "lovers" held in their memories but he/she the band - would miss him most - Because the production values are as good as they are I have to grade this on a different curve from others I might like but aren't as well produced so I'm going with a 3 because for me the story was never fully realized. Rock on!
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