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AVECES - Zulu 9.30

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AVECES - Zulu 9.30
on Jan 15, 2010 at 8:21:09 am
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Music video for Zulu 9.30's song "Aveces". Directed and produced by Anders Hattne. Camera and Lighting, Norman Garcia Solera.
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Re: AVECES - Zulu 9.30
by Rafael Amador
Me ha encatado, Anders.
Muy trabajado y sin estridencias.
Y la rumba muy cachonda tambien.
Cool graphics
by Tudor Jelescu
I really liked the graphics and the color treatment on the animated sections. They were really rewarding visually, so I could not help to feel let down by the sections on white, where I felt that there could have been more... better camera moves, a faster paced cut, a more animated mix of the band members, maybe some more animated elements to connected with the rest of the clip- that's why I gave it 4 cows.
Great Visual Effects
by Diego Cazares
I really loved the way this video was made. It really made stay and watch it. I loved the colors and effects applied. Great Work.
by Niel Ferreira
wow pretty cool
5 from me
Really nice -
by Jim Hines
The opening silhouette postcards - what is that? Mr. Mercury? Good stuff - a little long - consider a radio version of this song with one less "interlude" - "bridge" - nice color effect on the performance sections with the percusson players faded in the background - Rock on!
Wonderful color and animation work, Anders
by Ron Lindeboom
I really like the work that you did on this video, Anders. Very good work. The color and compositing work are visually stunning, in my opinion.
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