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STRAYS - film trailer
STRAYS - film trailer
by Sutharsan Bala
"Strays" is a story about freedom and impossible love. When Nazeeya, a young muslim girl is forced into marriage with a friend of her grandfather, her only chance of escape is through Mihkel, an Estonian train conductor. Just when Nazeeya's freedom is within reach, her little brother, Emir, will prove... watchEstonia
published 9 years ago   trailer
Rudolf Konimois Film video production studio demo reel
Rudolf Konimois Film video production studio demo reel
by Kaido Veermäe
Demo reel made by Rudolf Konimois Film video production studio. We have a wide experience with advertising video, music video and documentaries. More information watchEstonia
published 8 years ago   demo reel
Colorist reel - Margus Voll
Colorist reel - Margus Voll
by Margus Voll
... watchEstonia
published 6 years ago   demo reel
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