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United Nations : Videos by Nation

The Universal Language - 3D animation
The Universal Language - 3D animation
by Rian Helmhout
While all cultures are beautiful in it's difference. There is a unique way to communicate. A way to understand and like each other without speaking the language of that culture. Without a fight, but to have fun and respect all the people around us. Make music and enjoy our cultural... watchUnited Nations
published 9 years ago   short film
Sample Footage
Sample Footage
by Dimitrius Beck Silva
This is a sample of some jobs made by me, Dimitrius Beck, in many places around the world. In this sample I used a lot of kinds of cameras like, Mini DV, Betacam SP and HDV.... watchUnited Nations
published 8 years ago   demo reel
This Happens Every Day
This Happens Every Day
by Nick Broad
121 street performances in 40 cities on 5 continents. Currently editing the feature film together, and need more help than I'd care to admit...... watchUnited Nations
published 7 years ago   demo reel
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